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Air Ambiant, has established a solid reputation in the institutional sector, as a general contractor for both modernization and turnkey projects for air-conditioning, humidification, heating and ventilation.

The common characteristic of these projects is that they are difficult and challenging to execute. Sanitary constraints, PAI (protection against infections) required among others by the CLSD, CLSC or hospitals. Confined or restricted spaces, old buildings classified as cultural heritage or constructions to which, annexes have been added over the years. Human constraints: Limited availability of workspaces. Security: detention centers.

Each project, either large or small, represents a unique challenge and even prior to starting the work, it requires meticulous and careful planning and preparation. It is in these complex projects that Air Ambiant´s primary mission takes on its full meaning: To be an innovative solution provider. Understand the challenges and constraints since day one, identify easy solutions to complex issues, coordinate the multidisciplinary teams and deliver the project on time.

The many successful projects we have carried out over the years, in the health, municipal and school sectors, as well as with Hydro-Quebec and detention centers, among others are the witnesses of Air Ambiant´s capacity and expertise to handle successfully such high demanding projects.



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RBQ : 5766-9863-01

RBQ : 5766-9863-01